After The Good Wife, the actor Alan Cumming will return to the CBS in a new series.

Known for his role Eli gold in the series The Good Wife, Alan Cumming is about to make his return to the screen. The Scottish actor of 51 will be the star of a pilot for a new series in development of CBS. Alan Cumming will turn in this fiction called Dr. Death, which will also be one of the Executive producers. Dr. Death will be an adaptation of a forthcoming novel by James Patterson, which is released in the spring of 2017.

This potential new series will focus on a former CIA agent, became a writer and teacher. But his old life catches up when the New York Police Department fails to get hold of a serial killer and so asked his help. If Dr. Death were to be developed, the release would be expected for the month of June 2017. It would be the return of Alan Cumming on TV since the end of The Good Wife, ending in 2016 after seven seasons on the air.

For James Patterson, it would be a new TV series adapted from one of his novels. The American writer of 69 is originally from the Zoo series, broadcast in France on TF1 and which has just been renewed for a third season on CBS. In 2007, the ABC had already transposed to the screen of his book Women's Murder Club, with Angie Harmon series. James Patterson also saw at least three of his novels adapted to the cinema, the collector and the mask of the spider, two feature films with Morgan Freeman, as well as Alex Cross, with Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox and Jean Reno.