The ninth season of Grey's Anatomy ended this evening on TF1. The love story between Alex and Jo who will be the last? Is Dr. Weber dead? That is going to happen in season 10? This is Justin Chambers that responds.

Yeah! Alex Karev is finally in love! In the last minutes of the end of the season 9 of Grey's Anatomy, the doctor of Pediatrics said its flame Jo Wilson. A small moment that they turned together both real cats and dogs! And as often when? began thus, they is finally fell into the arms of the other... But all was not all rosy in this last episode. Callie and Arizona have broken, Cristina and Owen also, and viewers keep in memory the last image, that of Dr. Weber, extended on the ground. It shall comfort however with the birth of little Bailey first biological child of Derek and Meredith (they adopted a small Zola).

How will it continue the adventures of the Grey Sloan Hospital staff? The best is to ask the players and that is what we did with Justin Chambers, at the 54th Festival TV of Monte - Carlo, interpreter of the very cute Alex Karev. 44 years comedian (and married for 20 years, sorry ladies!) returns on this final explosive and tells us what it's going to happen in season 10 Grey's anatomy. By