The American Horror Story series, created by Ryan Murphy, comes to be renewed by American FX for a seventh season.

The success of American Horror Story isn't close to ending. The series has been renewed for a seventh season with FX, which broadcast the episodes in the United States. The show orchestrated by Ryan Murphy has yet managed to convince American viewers with almost 11 million fans for the first episode of season 6. The leaders of the chain have decided to renew the series after only three episodes of the sixth season.

Anthology series, American Horror Story offers independent seasons. The success is even more impressive from one year to the other, the series manages to attract the biggest names in show business like Neil Patrick Harris, Emma Roberts, Naomi Campbell, or even Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel.

The leader of the FX justified the renewal of the series for a seventh season by emphasizing "the incredible work to keep American Horror Story, inventive, shocking and entertaining", directed by the writers and Ryan Murphy. The series creator has announced work on a secret season with only two people, including him, know the content, theme, or even style.

American Horror Story Hotel, fifth season of the show, will air on movie + thrill from Monday, October 24.