Do not be afraid, good people! Reassemble the driveway up to the big top, pass the door and throw an eye behind the curtain.What you'll see American Horror Story season 4, you won't see anywhere else. The circus Elsa March will surprise you, shock you, have fun and, hopefully, you terrify.

1952, in the small town of Jupiter,Florida, a serial killer is rampant, leaving many distraught local police. At the same time, Elsa March is looking for a new attraction for his "cabinet of curiosities". She is convinced, the sisters Bette and Siamese Dot will attract crowds and perhaps bring him glory as she wants.

Launched last night in the United States,season 4 of American Horror Story, called Freak Show, should not leave anyone indifferent. Between repulsion and voyeurism, the series has long understood that it could rely on our instincts. And as usual, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have not skimped on the gore and quirks. Their cast, almost unchanged since season 1,the famous freaks. Here is a gallery of portraits that should put you water in the mouth... or make you flee!

Elsa is the director of the circus and the matriarch of the American Horror Story "freaks", small protected. But it feeds mainly a voracious appetite for celebrity. Years pass and Elsa refuses to see his dreams of glory fade.

The sisters are Siamese collected by Elsa, who sees in them the salvation of his circus. Bette is also playful and curious about the world around him that Dot is stuck and suspicious.But their relationship goes far beyond what meets the eye ... and it is double-edged.

But if his physical deformity has some assets appreciated in secret by a few women in the home desperate, Elsa reminds Jimmy is safe among his own.
Faithful among the faithful, Ethel is very close to Elsa. A devotion of every moment! Station to threatening its venerated Patron Saint, or his son Jimmy that she watch like a lioness. But in American Horror Story season 4 Ethel is not a mother and it intends to curb the dreams of escape from the latter.

This buxom hermaphrodite has indeed three breasts and a big personality! To learn more about Desiree, you have to watch the rest of the season 4 of American Horror Story. This man with superhuman strength was awesome! But the husband of Desiree (and ex of Ethel) are perhaps also victim of appearances. The sequel to Freak Show unveil us more on this mysterious Mr Muscles. By