A famous actress of the show American Horror Story has decided to leave the series directed by Ryan Murphy.

One less. American Horror Story is going to have to separate this actress since the first four opus. Jessica Lange has indeed decided to leave the show in declining  the offer that was given to him for the filming of a fifth season.

Hollywood actress could boast of having a new character in every season. Despite this privilege, the actress had distanced himself with the production. Absent American  Horror Story: Hotel, it had been replaced at the foot thrown by Lady Gaga. The extravagant singer even managed to forget the presence of the original star of the  series.

Jessica Lange gave the premiere of the announcement of his departure Charlie Rose, star presenter on the island chain American PBS broadcast of the same name. When the  reporter asked her if she hoped to return, she replied: "I did four seasons in four years and each year I had the right to a superb character That's what was  interesting I think everything.. as sometimes happens at the end of things and that's normal. "

By 2015, the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, spoke of his desire to turn the 67 year old actress. Discussions have clearly failed to American Horror Story. But the  American Director should rotate the actress in his next series,The series, which should be disseminated during the autumn of 2017, will be produced by Brad Pitt.