Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson / Deathstroke in the Arrow range (TF1) assaulted the employee?.

In the Arrow superhero series, broadcast on TF1, actor Manu Bennett is not a softy in the Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, the villain of service. Reality has joined the fiction.

While he was about to go to the Comic Can in Alamo City, Texas, muscular Manu Bennett, age 45, was arrested by San Antonio police on Sunday, September 13 in the morning. The reason? The New Zealand actor of the trilogy the Hobbit (he played Azog the ORC leader) had assaulted just before, an employee of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in which the actor was staying. According the witnesses from the scene, Manu Bennett would have dealt a violent punch on the face of the employee.

In custody the morning of Sunday, Manu Bennett was finally acquitted by a judge, with a deposit of $ 1600. The actor did wish to make no comment on the incident since his release.

Manu Bennett is no stranger.He had appeared as a gladiator in the Spartacus series and expected him soon in the action series The Shannara Chronicles on MTV. The New Zealand clearly loves physical. It is advised to join the rugby team the all blacks to the World Cup which starts this Friday.should calm her down! Created by