The season 3 of Arrow will be definitely not stingy new heads! After Peter Stormare (the new count Vertigo), Devon Aoki (Katana) and Karl Yune (Maseo Yamashiro), the series comes to Brandon Routh, actor who had shod in 2006 cape and tights for the Superman Returns de Bryan Singer. It should embody a key figure in these new episodes. Caution spoilers!

According to information obtained by TV Line, Brandon Routh will lend its features in this season 3 of Arrow to Ray Palmer aka The Atom. described as a scientist and inventor outstanding, this newcomer should play a role in the life of Oliver unexpected and could attract love with Felicity. New owner of Queen Consolidated, it will have big mysterious plans for its Department of applied sciences. Incidentally, the presence of The Atom, superhero that can change its size, in the series will allow the transition to Warner Television to Marvel and its future Ant - Man, also able to shrink, speed.

The season 3 of Arrow should begin on Wednesday, October 8 on the American channel CW.