TF1 broadcast Wednesday evening the last episodes of season 2 of Arrow. What will happen next? Here is all the info about season 3.

Finally, the Archer has won the trust of the inhabitants of Starling City. Crime is down and everything seems to go better in the best of worlds... Oliver Queen (Stephen Amel) takes even to dream of a normal life with privacy as everyone with Felicity. But the season 3 arrow would be deadly dull!

Arrow will have much to do with the arrival of Ra's al Ghul, who has already made a sinister reputation as an enemy of Batman. Great villain of season 3, he will be portrayed by actor Matthew Makeisha, Australian rugby already appeared in the Riddick series.

He is far from alone in having joined the cast for the third season. Quote Karl Yun who gets a role recurring, that of Maseo Yamashiro. Ditto for Brandon Youth (Chuck) who plays Ray Palmer aka The Atom in Arrow, but also in Flash and soon in Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans of the sexy Katana will nevertheless sad to learn that it changes of face. Actress Devon Aoki could not make himself available for the season 2 has been replaced by Rila Fukushima.

Without you reveal, we can already announce that one of the flagship of the series characters will not survive this season while another will go towards new horizons.

For Laurel, this season will change and finally, his character reveal an interesting facet. For lovers of romance, the couple Oliver-Felicity will satisfy their thirst for action...

Among the guests of this third season viewers are familiar: Barry Allen aka Flash. It is indeed in this season of Arrow Flash was supposed to be introduced to the spin-off. But TF1 have been too greedy, she has not expected dissemination hence a lack of logic between the two series.

Arrow season 3 was broadcast in October 2014 in United States. Our American colleagues are already waiting with impatience the arrival of season 4... Created by