Stephen Amell Oliver Queen interpreter in the Arrow series will appear in the series Legends of Tomorrow (the spin-off of arrow of The Flash).

While the series derived from Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow had already transported its action in the 1970s, an upcoming episode (6) should still travel in time and happen in the future. According to the Entertainment Weekly website, on this occasion Oliver Queen aka Arrow (Stephen Amell) therefore made an appearance.

Caution (spoilers), this participation of the vigilante hidden Sterling city adventure Legends of Tomorrow should be impressive, since this episode 6 will take place in 204: a time when Oliver Queen lost his left arm and will sport a small goatee...

Indeed, the episode will be largely based on the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller at least the version of Frank Miller's Green Arrow (seen mainly from volume 4 graphic saga).

In this special episode the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke from the mythology of the comics).

Marc Guggenheim Executive to explain producer. "We introduce not only our version of Connor Hawke in our universe, we will also introduce the version 2046 of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell will resume." As an added bonus for comic-book fans, Oliver will have lost his left arm and will be wearing a goatee: to the appearance of the character in comics Dark Knight Returns. "