TF1 airs the first two episodes of the American series Arrow.The show explains why we must look at this new fiction.

By discovering the Arrow pitch (the new series of TF1 this Wednesday evening at 22:40), you say to yourself: "a series of superhero for teens"? Think again! Launched in October 2012 in the United States, this series adapted from the DC Comics Universe has surprised everyone. Dark, intriguing, violent and planted by an illustrious unknown that will make you capsize from the first episode, Arrow is the good action of the season series 2012/2013.

Starting with his main interpreter therefore. Body of Greek God, tortured look, Stephen Amell took time to make a name in Hollywood. It is now made. With conviction, 33 years actor Oliver Queen, young billionaire left for dead after the sinking of his boat and who is going to resurface five years later. But how has he survived? Where was he? That has happened? Back in his hometown, Starling City, Oliver Queen has now a goal: save his city of corruption! And does it matter if he has to kill the corrupt...

It is on this shade that Arrow makes the difference. Oliver Queen is not a superhero smooth and flawless. Disturbed, always on the wire, the man who learned the techniques of self-defense on the where he lived for five years has a complex personality and secrets to resell. Because the success of Arrow resides on this mystery. Through flashbacks, viewers will discover each week the transformation of Oliver Queen.A major plot that will take more and more scale.

For others, no need to panic, Arrow remains an entertainment.Oliver must face his past escapades. How will react Laurel (Katie Cassidy), his former girlfriend? A romance that will make viewers happy hearted. By