Beno and Stéphane good single fathers and hospital colleagues have recently become friends. The first even proposed hospitality to the second which does not support the solitude. The problem is that all means are good to settle.

Stéphane is the type to take advantage of certain situations. When Beno(Ludovic Baude) offered him hospitality for a day or two, just enough time to escape from a young muscular woman who he wanted to be quickly éconduite, Shirley has immediately accepted the proposal. But decided to make the pleasure last. He played with Beno depressive who did not support the solitude and quickly brought some belongings in several suitcases.

Yes... but under certain conditions. First everyone can find a benefit: only, both, they agree as thieves, especially to organize parties trays-TV before football matches. They have several points in common and therefore topics easy to find conversations, such as the education of children, work, women. Good living that does not hesitate to put the hand to paw, whether to pass behind the stoves or running errands.

On the other hand, Stéphane is a sex addict to the extent that it must put one (or two) girls in bed every night. Which is not the style of Beno,which would tend to find the rare Pearl... for life. If fellow turns his apartment in lupanard, where girls in string parade at any time of the day or night, this is likely to amuse Beno initially and it annoy very quickly. Stéphane must therefore review its train of sexual life... down. Or to spend good time at the ladies. But I bet that Beno will quickly remind him the rules of the game... Created by