Tonight,December 22 at 8:50 pm W9 reveals Beauty and the Beast bringing Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan. But this new version of beauty and the beast has not convinced the specialists of the small screen.

2003 Catherine Chandler and his mother are being attacked by a man. While the mother is killed in the attack, the girl keeps life thanks to a mysterious creature who managed to save her. Nine years later, Catherine Chandler become police detective, desperately wants this creature that could help him to find the murderer of her mother. It ends up making the meeting of Vincent Keller, a former American GI, who lives in recluse since nearly 10 years because under the effect of anger, it turns into beast in human strength.

This new version of beauty and the beast has harvested more than mixed opinions. If TV big chains says that series is equipped with an 'attractive up' and a good casting, TV 2 weeks is far from being packed: "Little credible fights Scenes, shots... boring." A view shared by Télérama who claimed in October 2012: "it's a full crash, a nullity acclaimed nearly unanimously by the American press.(...) "Police investigation without the slightest interest, hideous realization, uninspired, peppered with effects useless, absurd action scenes, cartoon-like narration and leaded by flashbacks, poor casting and not a good replica to be put in the tooth."

Among other things, it is the fault of Kristin Kreuk that it is impossible to take seriously in his role of police. She's all wrong from A to Z. But all the blame does not return him. "Texts using all imaginable clichés, surveys without interest, flat dialogues: a beautiful - and stupid - failure." By