This Thursday, July 9 on M6 the second episode of Bones aired Thursday, the police series goes back in time. To celebrate its 200th episode, the series was big, with an adventure directed by David Boreanaz himself. The actor, who plays the hero Seeley Booth since the first season of Bones, went behind the camera for the occasion.

Bones fans should not be surprised to discover their hero favorite with new identities. They will be transported in the 1950s. Temperance Brennan is a reporter, who works for the Los Angeles police. It will ally with a top-flight burglar, Seeley Booth. A way to reshuffling the deck and put the heroes of Bones in an unprecedented situation.

In this episode, all the characters of Bones will meet them also in the 1950s, with a survey that aims to pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. Bones is not the first series to play the card of the vintage with a "return to the past" episode.

In December 2014, the team of Bones was celebrated with great pomp the 200th episode of the series, at a party in Los Angeles. Actress Emily Deschanel, who came to publicly announce her new pregnancy, was able to celebrate another happy event. Created by