While the season 9 of Bones returns tonight in France on M6, it continues in the USA and there are only a handful of episodes before the final.And the big question is will Booth and Brennan will go and live in Germany? Caution spoilers!

Indeed, Agent Booth has been proposing a promotion and could lead a new Bureau of the FBI in Germany. But it hesitates seriously and does not know if this is compatible with its new family life. "It will weigh the pros and the cons, for not accepting a trick in which he does not want to go", says the Executive producer of Bones, Stephen Nathan.

Yes but now, Nathan also suggests that revelation of Killer Ghost goes all upset and will seriously affect the ability of Booth to refuse this new position: "this is an opportunity that he may not really deny ultimately. While en route to the Germany? In the meantime, season 9 of Bones continues every Monday evening on the American channel FOX.

Now that the season 10 of NCIS is behind us, M6 has always put in the mouths of its viewers.It is the Bones series, which now airs on the French channel.Place in episode 10 of season 9. Booth and Brennan, married in episode 6, a new stage awaits them and they must remain welded to the cross together.

One thing is sure, since this marriage, Brennan is less aggressive or very soft with some characters from the series.But this may not last long, with concerns related to the education of Christine and the crises of jealousy Booth, difficult to keep calm. by http://www.boxsetstore.com