Breaking Bad fans will rush in droves to this London bar that recreates the world of their favorite series.

"SAY MY NAME!". "In fact, I wanted just a fruit juice." This is the kind of conversation that could be heard at ABQ London. This bar located in London has just opened its doors in this Friday, July 24, 2015. Fans of the show, worn by Bryan Cranston, recognize? appear immediately the decor. And immerse yourself in the atmosphere, the home is carried out by a look-alike of Walter White.

Camping because of Breaking Bad is at the centre of this nifty idea. In order to enter this replica should pay 43 euros. Then, you can create two drinks inspired by the series. But beware, as it is stated on the site, out of the question to make bad drinks. You'll make "chemically pure and stable" products. inside, instructions guide you in the preparation of your beverages.

at the time you read these lines, it is probably already too late. The ABQ is a short-lived bar lasting only 3 months. The maximum capacity is 22 people at a time. It therefore had to book online.And the last tickets for September and October have been put online in the afternoon of July 24. Created by