Yesterday aired episode 10 season 5 of Breaking Bad. After an intense episode of resumption, "Buried" a little quiet the game and focused his story almost exclusively on the repercussions on the White-Schrader family following the discovery of Hank. Beware Spoilers.

After a face to face rather unexpected if early between Walt and Hank, the latter takes the lead and manages to join Skyler to try to fall as soon as possible his 'monster' brother-in-law. But the wife of Walt does not really hear it in that ear and seems to have finally chooses his camp.

If 'Blood Money' we re - harponnait since its introduction in the heavy atmosphere of Breaking Bad, "Buried" tends to calm the situation. Hank is now aware and wants to put an end to this story as soon as possible, but he does not want to burn the steps, without evidence it cannot definitively stop Heisenberg, he then tries to get Skyler to confessions and does not hesitate to use Mary for this after a face-to-face unsuccessful in dinner at the beginning of the episode. The episode focuses almost exclusively on the family circle and trench warfare begins between the White and the Schrader. You could still doubt the loyalty of Skyler to Walt, especially after all he has done since 1 year but "Buried" we confirmed that she had indeed and well chooses his camp.

May be the most intense scene of the episode, the confrontation between the two sisters confirms the position taken by Skyler wanting to protect her husband: she reveals nothing, does not speak, gives no clue on the activities and identity of Walt. The point of no return is reached a few seconds later when Marie sets out the list of all the events of recent months to know since when Skyler was aware: Gus Fringe, the sudden addiction by Walt to legalized gambling and especially the two brothers who attacked Hank... As a response to the punch dealt by Hank to Walt, Marie violently slaps her sister. She attempted to turn away the baby of her horrible parents to protect and transforms an upset and miserable wife in a furious mother and protector to his family. It remembers so few hours rather sunny, happy lunch that seemed finally soldering all members of a family. That time seems to be from another time and will never return.

Walt, he seeks to remove evidence and hand in the desert hide filled barrels of money. However may be noted at this time there a small weakness in writing. Walt announced at last episode that her cancer had returned and yet he manages only to dig a huge hole to then put the barrels, only again and finally close this hole. It sounds may be big, but we forgive quickly when one sees the accuracy of the rest of the episode. By