The announcement of the departure of Beckett, played by Stana Katic, raises many questions for the future of the Castle series and his character.

How can the series Castle survive without Kate Beckett? The American police series relies so much on this inseparable duo of writer Richard Castle and Kate Beckett investigator that is a serious issue.ABC, which broadcasts Castle since eight seasons already, confirmed the new: Stana Katic will not return in the series even though it was renewed for season 9. His departure coincides with that of another actress, Tamala Jones, who played Dr. Lanie Parish since season 1.

On social networks, fans of Castle let burst their anger and they already will over look the series without its heroine? For the moment, no details have filtered into the circumstances of the departure of the character of Kate Beckett, at the centre of the series since the very first episode. How will the young woman bid farewell to fiction? Will those be permanent and irrevocable? Could the writers kill Kate Beckett?

The death of a main character is a well-known trick writers to revive the dramatic issues of a series.. Kill a hero helps to develop strong plots for the protagonists always on track. This allows both to treat of the mourning and the future, to consider new tomorrows. Thus, in making die Beckett, Castle would be collapsed, destroyed. to load then the writers to imagine its reconstruction. With new intrigues and new characters.

This could therefore be a serious trail for the departure of Beckett. Especially the production of Castle has already mentioned the idea to revive the detective series with a spin-off. Why don't we just put an end to the series? After eight seasons, it would seem more reasonable.