The series Charmed, which was part of the famous trilogy from Saturday on M6, is rebroadcast every day of the week at 12:40 on W9. This return in the past raises this crucial question: that became actors
If you were born in the 1980s, the Halliwell sisters are part of your childhood heroes, along with Buffy or as Mitch Buchannon for example. The sisters Halliwell witches fighting demons and evil forces of San Francisco. Moreover, it is rumored that the series could return.

Level career ons by that a bit was the star of the series, Shannen Doherty. Passed by little house in the Prairie and obviously Beverly Hills, Shannen Doherty has a career rather? busy t. But since Charmed, she has much more seen. She participated in shows like Dancing with the Stars (the American DALS) and has also reappeared in the new version of Beverly Hills. It appears in 2015 with Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell) in a docu-soap titled Off the map with Shannen and Holly. Holly Marie Combs who has a role
in the Pretty Little Liars series since 2010.

The other star of the series, it was the little sister, Alyssa Milano. One who played Samantha in Madame is served, has struggled to bounce back from Charmed. But one who has just given birth to her second child plays since 2013 the main series Mistresses.

Among the other actors of Charmed,you cannot switch to the phenomenon Kaley Cuoco, who portrayed Billie Jenkins in the season 8. It became essential today with his character of Penny in The Big Bang Theory, that it offers more.

Finally cannot not talk about Julian McMahon. One who interpreted Cole Turner (mi-ange, mi-Balthazar), donned the blouse to interpret sulphurous Christian Troy Nip/Tuck. Blabla Treves and place the images. By