Dexter just ended yesterday evening in the United States with the episode 12 of the eighth and final season of the series.Therefore it is time for stakeholders in a review of the series and appoint the biggest enemy of Dexter Morgan.

So it's the end for Dexter, with 'Remember the Monsters' Showtime, the American cable television channel aired last night the last episode of the series. For the occasion, Entertainment Weekly went to the meeting of the actors in the show to ask them what psychopath truly marked the history of Dexter.

Without surprise, all agree that John Lithgow and his interpretation of the "Trinity Killer" was a remarkable antagonist. Michael C. Hall considers all the enemies of his persona as "the children of Dexter. I like them in the same way. Trinity Killer is certainly the most formidable opponent he has faced." A view shared by Jennifer "Deb" Carpenter "John Lithgow is an adorable teddy bear, but a grizzly when it comes to labour".

If James Remar, father who accompanied Dexter during eight seasons, John Lithgow is the "logical" choice, the "Ice Truck Killer" is just as important and founder of the character of Dexter Morgan. Yvonne Strahovski, who came on the later in the guise of the beautiful Hannah McKay, adds "It was he who was closest to the heart of Dexter and whose issues were really high".

Despite an average season, the third and his antagonist still scored C.S. Lee (Masuka) and David Zayas (Angel Batista). "Jimmy Smits was great, says the latter." I learned a lot with him". But for him all those who arrived in Dexter over the years "which have brought great class and great professionalism to the series and helped him to become what it is, so Kudos to them".

Scott Buck, showrunner for season 6 also pays tribute to all players passed by the series, but unlike the others, the most interesting antagonist is Debra "in many respects, it is his antagonist, and much more complicated than the others, because she loves him more than anyone else." "So for me, it is she who has been the most interesting throughout the series Dexter partner".

American television comes to say goodbye to one of the characters that will have changed the face of the (anti) hero of the TV series but world which, unfortunately, has been lost through the seasons. You can read our review of the last episode of the series here. In France Dexter is broadcast on Canal + and TF1.

For you, what was the greatest enemy that Dexter has faced? By