Once Upon A Time. After a broadcast on M6, the fantasy series arrives on the TNT.Badly shaved beard, penetrating blue eyes, smile to fall and a dream body.

No you are not dreaming, the Sheriff Graham that you will discover in Once Upon A Time from 20:50 on 6Ter is none other than Jamie Dornan, the future hero of the  long-awaited film saga, fifty shades of Grey. Spotted by Sofia Coppola in 2006 (he plays in Marie Antoinette), the series of ABC that 6Ter rebroadcasts from Tuesday.

In Once Upon A Time, Jamie Dornan plays Sheriff Graham, a mysterious character who will not leave indifferent the women of the series. But in 2012, after only 9  episodes, the actor left brutally series. A drama for the fans who had already capsized for the pretty boy of North Ireland. But against all expectation, became the  "it - boy" of the moment, rumours annon? ant its comeback in the fourth season of the series are more and more insistent. Thus, during a recent interview, Jennifer  Morrison, the lead actress of Once Upon A Time said "we are still good friends but objectively I believe that Jamie has a full time job" before adding: "but it is  hoped that someday, it will be a time to resume his role in flashbacks of the Sheriff Graham".

At the age of 32, the year 2015 looks like that of the consecration for Jamie Dornan. In February, the former model will become James Grey in the film adapted from the  best seller. Immediately check out the scorching trailer. By http://www.boxsetstore.com/once-upon-a-time-season-3-dvd-boxset.html