Despite the frosts of winter... How? is it a fall?In Short, when the temperature drops, we can prepare a hot tea, a hot water bottle and was above all an excellent excuse for rolling around in her quilt through our new batch of trailers

Lost Girl is certainly not a ultra series known to us, but this Canadian show about the supernatural adventures of a sexy succubus that dreaded has all the ingredients of the guilty pleasure. For those of you who know already, here is a teaser of the fifth and final season, which will be launched on the Showcase, December 7. Lost girl seeks his dad...

This year again, the distribution of gifts under the Christmas tree will be overshadowed by the Christmas Special of Doctor Who. A true family tradition across the channel! l will be maybe a little late: before sliding along the chimney, it must make a small detour to meet the Doctor.I will not have escaped the most geeks of you: this is the Nick Frost actor who will portray Santa Claus. HO HO HO! We hope you've been well wise.

Next one is to mark a milestone in your calendars. This is not one,but three small wonders of series that are making their comeback date: season 4 Girls, on HBO, and then the season 2 of Looking, also on HBO, but also Episodes that returns for a season 4 with a gaggle of teasers for a few seconds, which we selected our favorite. Enjoy! Created by