You dream (if, you must admit)? Well it seems that this dream is realized . A photographer had the wacky idea (but terribly tendency) to disguise kittens in characters of TV series or cult films. Attention, the quotient mignonnitude creve ceiling!

It is called Wendy Robbins, but you can also find her on his FlickR under the nickname Folkwynd. His trick to it, this is the photo, and it seems that she devotes a good part of his passion to draw the portrait of adorable kittens. A hobby that would be almost passed unnoticed? u if the young lady was not made up his mind to tackle characters cults of our series and favorite movies!

A little sewing to make pretty mini-costumes, simple but effective sets, models that take the pose like pros... The photographer is ventured to Westeros with characters from Game of Thrones, fell not very far from Gallifrey to visit the hero of Doctor Who, she also put her bags in Middle-Earth with Frodo and Gandalf from Lord of the rings, before a final stop in full star wars, where it crossed the Princess. The adjectives that come to mind are not in the Larousse: PR, cromignon, kawa?, Abigail, etc. By