This week, our selection of trailers series pays tribute to the genre! A bit of SF, a bit of fantasy and a good dose of horror. Are you salivating with a cult series, less known and more recent, but who have a bright future ahead of them and a second season on the road. Are you ready? Then, as said a certain doctor: Let's go!

The eighth season of Doctor Who in full swing, and our hero attacks, once more, a monument of British culture, popularized by the famous novel by Agatha Christie (whom he had also met in a previous incarnation): the doctor boarded the Orient Express! Except that this is not a flesh and blood assassin that he hunts down, but a being made of bone and strips. We bet you that this mummy forgot to validate his ticket by train! Our British neighbors will have the chance to discover this eighth episode tomorrow night on BBC One.

It is not the mummies, but their putrefaction is already well advanced! The Walking Dead zombies have fangs... as usual. The Group of survivors is separated and? feared... as usual. And if the dead were not sufficient to flank us the miquettes, Rick and his buddies are going to have to rub shoulders with the "bad guy" of the season. In short, if the man is a snack for the zombie.Broadcast this Sunday night in the United States on AMC, the first episode of season 5 of The Walking Dead will be available tomorrow. By