According to the site RadioTimes, forgotten episodes of Doctor Who, the cult to the 33 seasons series,would soon be available to viewers.

Matt Smith, eleventh actor to play the role of the doctor, prepares to depart the series end of 2013 it will be replaced by Peter Capaldi), the recent discovery of old episodes Doctor Who is a new proppre to panic fans.

The RadioTimes website reported that two forgotten episodes, one of which date to the era where Patrick Troughton, second eleven doctors, held the title role (between 1966 and 1969) have resurfaced. Better yet, these two episodes would be available on platforms of download such as iTunes Wednesday, October 9. Questioned by RadioTimes, a spokesman for the BBC refused to admit the existence of additional recovered episodes despite persistent rumors, claiming that nearly 90 episodes of Doctor Who have been recovered.

Hard to imagine a more beautiful gift for fans of the series, this one preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary on November 23. We can however regret that the chain decided to directly put the two episodes for sale, rather than disseminate them. By