The sixth and final season of Downton Abbey will begin Sunday, September 20 in England. Moments of emotions, slightly revealed in this trailer.

Downton Abbey fans, get your tissues! The British historical series will be completed very soon, after the sixth season. It will be launched in the UK Sunday, September 20 on the island chain ITV. To promote the final season of his flagship series, the chain has relied on British did a moving trailer that feels farewell!

"If I could stop the story on, maybe I would, reveals the Earl of Grantham to his butler, Mr. Carson. But I can not. Neither you nor I can stop time." And that is unfortunate since nothing will prevent Downton Abbey series to bow.

This past season thus revealed in this trailer, with doors closing, farewell, and new beginnings. For Mr. Carson particular, but also Lady Edith, who seems to finally begin to find his lovely smile. Provided that this ultimate season of Downton Abbey characters, Lady Mary, Anna and her husband, the young Daisy, Thomas, or the Countess Violet? Accompanied by the song Time to Say Goodbye this video definitely has a taste of goodbye. Created by