For those who have missed,we tell you how to complete the adventures of Jane Bingum. WARNING SPOILERS!

After six seasons and 78 episodes, Drop Dead Diva is ... done! On Sunday, June 22, 2014, Lifetime was programming the last episode of the series carried by Brooke Elliott. Sunday evening is the chain does Téva which broadcast for the first time in France, the final episode of the series. Prior to its release soon on M6 and the most impatient of you, it unveils the end of the series. So Jane Bingum she was finally able to declare his love to Grayson?

The answer is ... yes and no! As in many series, Jane and Grayson (Jackson Hurst) have turned around for several seasons. At the beginning of the sixth, Jane Grayson admitted his incredible secret. Jane is actually Deb, former companion of Grayson, died in a car accident five years. Thanks to an incredible misunderstanding, Deb managed to return to paradise and included the body of Jane, a lawyer. And if we could believe that Grayson and Jane would be reunited at the end of Drop Dead Diva, it is not. The fiction played with the hearts of fans all the way.

In the ninth episode of Season 6, Grayson died in a shootout in court. In heaven, he finds Fred, the first guardian angel of Jane and managed to convince him to return to Earth. He then joined the body of Ian Holt (played by Jeffrey Pierce). Problem: it is accused of murder and is about to be executed. Jane then will do everything to save him. Faced with the sudden new romance of Jane Owen and Kim - the colleagues of Jane - worry and try to make him aware that Ian is not made for it.

Faced with their insistence Jane resigned and left the firm in the penultimate episode of the series. The last episode of Drop Dead Diva is held the day before the wedding and Stacy Owen. The latter is about to give birth. Unsurprisingly, Jane manages to save Ian. The latter is released from prison. In the dying minutes, Stacy gives birth while Jane / Deb file the perfect love with Grayson / Ian. All's well that ends well. Created by