This Friday night, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson are back on M6 Elementary for the second season. A new round of particularly tasty episodes in which fans of the famous detective should find their account.

Countless adaptations investigations of Sherlock Holmes, whether on the big or small screen. But the one that took the most liberties with the work of Conan Doyle Elementary is certainly the series for sacrilege Watson and Sherlock is a woman, based in New York. Fiction played by Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller has nevertheless found its audience thanks to well-conducted stories, subtly sprinkled with humor and indefinable charm always brings the character of Sherlock. Though, if you are reluctant and stay true to the original work, let yourself be tempted by the still season 2 Elementary ... * M6 broadcast this Friday, December 5th the first two new episodes from 8:50 p.m..

While Mycroft is not very thick (but could have been in his youth), and yes, Watson is a woman, but let's not stumbled see! And pending the return of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch Version (not before 2015 guys!), Do not deprive yourself of a good injection impossible surveys, 4 million viewers have been seduced by the first season. Created by