Actress Ellen Pompeo reveals why she decided to stay in the series Grey's Anatomy.

In Hollywood, the age is not only a matter of sales. Actresses know something; many of them are victims, one day or the other, the ambient cult. Actress Ellen Pompeo has made a choice for his career because of his age. "My decision to stay on Grey's Anatomy was only based on my age, revealed the actress in an interview with the magazine People. in 33 years, I was wise enough to know that my clock was already running in Hollywood."

According to Ellen Pompeo, his career took off "very late". If she had been younger, "I would have probably done my time, before you go looking for other things", she confessed. But she was "aware of the challenge posed by this to find other thirties or early my 40 years". Ellen Pompeo will therefore begin in September its thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy.

However, the actress claims to have no regrets. "I told myself 'Why will I leave something that has so much success and who pays me very well to look for something else?' I decided that I was going to stay on Grey's Anatomy and I'd be grateful and I would stay as long as I could. And I am very happy about the decision I made. "even improved over time."

Yet the actress retains a complex, which has not been reduced throughout the seasons. "It's sad to see me grow old on TV, yet admit Ellen Pompeo." To be honest, this is the hardest part of my job." However, the actress has become the representative of a beauty mark, for a campaign called Cool Ager.

"Uncomfortable as this is for me to see myself growing old, I don't think that to focus on physical beauty is the best thing to do for the mind. Even if it is natural, and we all do, is not very healthy. Plus you get older and you realize that life is not a question of look. Everyone ages, it is not serious."