A few days of his return on small screen 'Flash' is the second (or even third) and offers us today a poster, a teaser which reveals the nasty big Zoom, and a new actress in the cast.


In less than a week, Flash will be back on the CW, with the first episode of a season that promises much. But this is not a reason to relax until the beginning of the festivities, since the series still accelerated the pace in promoting. And so a new poster has appeared, on which the superhero did talk about the lightning after, among others, heated and found how much water and electricity married evil.


From there to say that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will come out of its hinges following the events that will shake Starling City in the coming months, there is only one step that can be overcome more quickly than him. But there's not that on the side of justice will be hard to do, since his personal concerns will not stop, starting with his relationship with Iris (Candice Patton), whose mother will land in the guise of Vanessa Williams, as announces it Variety.


On this occasion, season 2 of Flash will mutate into meeting Candyman, insofar as the actress gave the reply (or trying to escape) to Tony Todd, interpreter of the boogeyman recently hired to lend his voice to Zoom. Either the next big villain of the series able to go the Reverse-Flash for an ally of the hero, according to one of the producers.