Real phenomenon, Game of Thrones has a sacred base of fans completely addicted to the HBO series. Here are the signs of recognition from the community.

1. you are never planning to exit Monday night, because one thing you obsesses on this first day of the week: be able to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones quietly at home And for 52 minutes, you are reachable for person.

2. trying to avoid spoilers on the new episode (broadcast the day before in the United States), especially on Twitter and Facebook. And if ever a "friend" you spoiled a major trick, you insult him before your screen. Good he cannot hear you, but a relieves.

3. you know by heart all Hodor replica. But without exception.

4.A wrote, you do not speak of Game of Thrones, but GoT. Simpler.

5. after the end of a traumatic episode of GoT, you feel a great need to share and communicate with other fans of the series."but seriously, it was crazy, I wasn't expecting".

6. you try not attach to the characters, because you know that they can die from one episode to another. Or even one minute to the next. Or even... Oops, too late.

7 Game of Thrones is the only series that you do not pass the generic. You need this music to put you in the mood. A kind of ritual.

8. before, you hated Jaime Lannister. But?, it was before. (Also works for the Bloodhound.)

9. you know that Tyrion Lannister is the more sensible character of the entire series. Only about as normal.

10. Red Wedding images still haunt your mind.

11. you bet everything on Arya to take revenge of the Starks. Or bran, when it will be completed to walk in the Woods.

12. you wonder where the dragons are passed in season 4. Nan but seriously they do what the guys do

14. you are uncomfortable whenever Theon Greyjoy will appear to the screen. Created by