Some images from the fifth season of Game of Thrones were leaked... Putting poorly shot of marketing of HBO, who wanted to succeed to keep confidential video.

Ah... Game Of Thrones, this talent to raise the buzz around any image. This is (yet) managed to make the series, offering a new video. All ten seconds of the fifth season, but that fans snapped up already (and the first).

The teaser, see above, immerses us in the visions of the Raven in three eyes, who definitely seems to be at the heart of this next installment. Sansa, Arya, Tyrion and we can almost guess the shadow of Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) behind the bars of a window. There is time to see a mysterious lake, before seeing a book closes suddenly. You have understood: no new information on the horizon, but just returned from what raise the excitement of the fans.

Not what to complain anyway: you'd never have seen these images. At least, not without you be registered on the site Three-Eyed Raven (yet move of the "Raven in three eyes!) which requires your Twitter account or your phone number. The HBO launched this small site to be able to distill more confidentially that the pictures of the fifth season. Moreover, when the first trailer (there also of 10 seconds) has been published, it ended at the message "Receive the power of the view", with the address of the event site. Yesterday, members were therefore notified of the arrival of a new snippet they could preview only once before it disappears forever...

Should have been recalled to HBO that nothing will really Internet. And that Internet users are willing to do anything to broadcast images supposedly "secret", do learn you anything. The teaser so found himself in no time on the web, in a quality poor but all similarly. Well tried, but the marketing is missed. Unless HBO has precisely planned his coup to make still more talk about it and its flagship series. Created by