One of the crew members from? Game of Thrones? has been attacked by a lioness in a South African Safari Park.

The team from Game of Thrones? is in mourning. The head of the special effects for the hit series with the fifth season is being broadcast in the United States is dead.

Katherine Chappell, 29 years old, found death Monday after having been wounded by a lion during a visit to the Lion Park, located in Johannesburg, South Africa reports NBC News.

While the young woman was taking pictures from his car, the open window, a lioness went through the window and mortally wounded Katherine Chappell. Guide who accompanied the young woman tried somehow to help in chasing the animal, but the latter was also bitten on the arm and unfortunately failed to stop the bleeding by Katherine Chappell.

A few days before this terrible drama, one that has worked for The Dreamlife of Walter Mitty, Captain America - The soldier of winter or Godzilla was posting on his Instagram account snapshots on holiday in South Africa.

Katherine Chappell, "was very loved and shared his love for life with everyone she met" explained his mother, his father, his brothers and sisters on Facebook. Created by