Digital harassment escapes anyone. The young actress Maisie Williams (which starred Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones series) has also suffered many negative messages on social networks.

The return to reality is sometimes cruel! Young Maisie Williams, who play Arya Stark in the bestselling Game of Thrones series, can attest. Pending the launch of the fifth season, the actress of 17 years has abandoned its costumes time to turn in an English movie, entitled Siketot96, which on the 2.0 harassment many teenagers on the internet. She also experienced the digital derision of many strangers on the internet and social networks.

"I'm dealing with trolls (people who send negative messages to other Internet users, often to mock them, Editor's note) on the internet every day." Can say that this is not well wicked, but these people there really are evil, in fact. Because we realize that there is someone who sat down at his computer and wrote all these things that are passed through the head. "People swing you for free, and sometimes moves you to a place that hurts" she told Digital Spy. Messages that may affect younger, sometimes pushing them to commit the irreparable...

Maisie Williams then adds: "it is easy to say just ignore them. But when you have 12 or 13 years, you don't want to ignore them, you want do them evil in return and you enter a vicious circle. Now, I have more recoil and I tell myself that? a not even worth the penalty that I care. "and understood who I am now..." Admirers of the family Lannister were those who were harassing the girl Stark? History does not tell it us... In the United States, the season 5 of Game of Thrones will begin Sunday, April 12 on HBO and will be broadcast on OCS. Created by