Then the music series will conclude at the end of his sixth season and that the creator has promised a real return to the sources for this final lap, five new characters will come walking the halls of McKinley high school!

It is soon for the Glee series!As previously announced, season 6 will be the last of the music series. Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show aired on FOX, explains to fans of the first hour that these ultimate 13 episodes will be a return to the origins of the series. He also said that any former member of the cast was welcome on the set if it wished. However, if members of the first generation of the New Directions will make their comeback in the auditorium, five new characters have been announced for this year!

Viewers will thus discover Roderick, a young man coated and shy, with the same kind of voice as that of Otis Redding.This is the new pariah of the series. Spencer will be the star of American football in high school. Openly gay, it's better not attack him about his sexuality because he does not hesitate to defend themselves! It has an exceptional voice. Jane is described as a very ambitious girl.Could not join the Warblers (one of the rival choirs which Blaine was one), it is folded on the New Directions. Finally, the twins Madison and Mason will be the new cheerleaders of the team of Cheerios. Although it is believed that the boy is gay, it is homosexual, there is nothing. He and his sister are very strange but they are ultra-positifs people! For the time being, no actor has yet chosen to embody these teens.

During the second part of season 5, the action of Glee was refocused on the hard core of the characters in taking in New York. With these revelations, the rumors that annon? have a return very important action to the McKinley high school seem to occur. This final lap kickoff is scheduled for mid-season in the United States. These additions of casting will help rekindle the interest of fans who have largely deserted the program. By