Who loses hunting loses his place... This is certainly what you could say to the actor Patrick Dempsey of the series Grey's Anatomy, was already replaced by small new! Among them: Joe Adler, already appear in Mentalist.

Things are not in the plot of Grey's Anatomy! Less than a week after the departure of actor Patrick Dempsey (and thus his character Derek Sheperd), the Entertainment Weekly website has just announced the arrival of a new recruit to the Grey Sloan Memorial... This new protagonist whose name is still unknown will be played by the American actor Joe Adler. The small screen is not a first for the young man of 22 years: already seen in the series Mentalist, in which he played Jason Wylie. At the cinema, also could be seen in the film the labyrinth. It appears in at least two episodes of the season 11 currently broadcast in the United States on ABC and soon come to an end.

But Joe Adler is not the only one to make his entrance in the cast of Grey's Anatomy: a few weeks ago,In short, the future of the series is not compromised following the departure of Patrick Dempsey and the showrunner Shonda Rhimes has much to prove it, since his absence will allow small new punctured the screen! Yesterday, the actress Ellen pompeo (Meredith Grey) had also published a very positive note on his Twitter account about the future of his own character. Created by http://www.boxsetstore.com