While the thirteenth season of Grey's Anatomy is about to be broadcast in the United States, the actors of the hospital series take advantage of the summer to spend good time together!

Grey's Anatomy actors no longer leave! Stars Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams even went on holiday together. That plays Meredith Grey has posted some pictures and videos on his account Instagram to show how the paddle can be fun. It is sure that with a little joker as Jesse Williams, you do not mind ...

"When you go on vacation with Jesse Williams and he's afraid to lose you during a race of paddle", wrote the actress in legend of his photo posted on behalf Instagram. Not stingy with shots, she also posted a video that shows how Jesse Williams takes fun to see his acolyte drinking the Cup.

As pigs copains, actors take good time together and demonstrate their fans. These holidays in the Sun probably allow Jesse Williams to forget his disappointments with the fans. The actor held a speech at the BET Awards, on 26 June, which did not really like Internet users.

It is now taxed "anti-white racism" and a petition is circulating on the Web to demand his departure from the hospital series. Case knows such a scale in the United States that the creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, the split of several tweets to calm the wrath of fans and defend Jesse Williams.