The holidays, it's finished! Grey's Anatomy actors took the path of filming to season 12.

After a season 11 strong emotions, the entire clan of Grey's Anatomy ended in joy and good mood. Since about two weeks, actors Justin Chambers, Jesse Williams, Camilla Luddington, Kevin McKidd and others have returned to work and visibly, the end of the holidays not depressed any more than? has.

Yet, knowing the medical series, this new burst of episodes shouldn't be relaxing for our characters. Scheduled for a release early September 24 in the United States, season 12 of Grey's Anatomy is expected to hurt some couples.

Life will also have to resume its course despite the departure of one of the historical players of the series. It is no longer a secret to anyone but if you nevertheless, you are aware of anything, stop reading now! Indeed, Patrick Dempsey has its disagreements with producer Shonda Rhimes pati and was asked to pack his bags.

In addition, recent statements by the actress Sarah Drew does bode well for his character of April. Torque already weakened in season 11 could well explode in full flight...

But don't worry, these are just guesses! And when we see photos posted by the actors, we want to believe that everything will go well!  Created by