Sarah Drew confides on the huge revelation of the last episode and its consequences.

We know now where in Jackson and April, in season 12 of Grey's Anatomy. Their situation is quite clear, but a new revelation could all upset, yet. Caution spoilers!

Indeed, the pretty redhead has learned that she was pregnant, just before signing the divorce papers! Hard. It is therefore found in a very complicated personal situation, but will not let down,announces already the actress Sarah Drew in EW. "It is more resistant that it has ever been. This baby is really something that allows him to hold. It is full of gratitude. She kisses this baby as a great gift in the middle of this pain. You will not see the collapse. She goes to work, she pulls out, will make impressive surgery. She will do everything to stay solid. It is strong. She is really strong!"

Despite everything, Jackson (Jesse Williams) is not far away and it is still unclear that he will have another child. Then how to advertise? "This is something we will discuss in the next few episodes," The end is not a conclusion, this is the beginning of a much larger story. All will be bound to this baby. How to say it to Jackson? And will simply tell him?"

It will be to see next Thursday, in the rest of the season 12 of Grey's Anatomy on ABC. The series aired in France on TF1.