Actress Sarah Drew says that the position of Chief is not at all right for April.

At the end of the season 11 of Grey's Anatomy, Owen (Kevin McKidd) decided to leave his position as Chief of surgery, which he had held since already not bad years. The war for his succession is going to rage at the beginning of the season 12. Caution spoilers!

The favorite is called Miranda Bailey. The darling of historic Chief, Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.), is in pole position for the place. But Catherine Avery, who chairs the Board of Directors, would put her stepdaughter, April Kepner. However, in Entertainment Weekly, actress Sarah Drew explains that this is not really a post for it!

"There is too much paperwork. "You are buried in the policy of the hospital", says the actress. "All what April wants to do is get their hands dirty. She wants to be on cases of trauma, to help and heal people. She is found itself in a manner fairly dramatic being a healer that goes beyond being a surgeon. There is something very spiritual home".

And then as the pretty redhead is planning to leave the field with the army, it is unclear how his appointment to the position of Chief would be possible. This will be to follow in September, in season 12 of Grey's Anatomy on ABC. In France, the series is broadcast on TF1. Created by