This week, our selection of trailers is heavily gender-series. Zero comedy. We are not there to laugh. We want the thrill, suspense, hemoglobin, disgusting creatures and beautiful creatures, epic battles, nowadays or in full Egyptian antiquity, and mystery. These are the ingredients of this collection of trailers that we hope will make you salivate.

- Hannibal, season 3: we can say that this one, For months we should have had season 3 of Hannibal, wonderful series by Bryan Fuller, but NBC has chosen to postpone its launch in early summer. To wait until June 4 (launch date on NBC, and shortly after on Canal + Series), The latter began in trouble, literally as well as figuratively. And during that time, we are still without news of Will Graham ...

it's a bit the serial events of the week, LA trailer was expected of farms feet. First TV creation The Wachowskis, with J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), Sense8 is the story of eight strangers who suddenly find themselves psychically linked. Why? By who? What? How shelf? Initial response on June 5 with the line-up of 12 episodes on Netflix.

Beauty and the Beast Season 3: Catherine and Vincent will finally be able to live together peacefully and coo ... NENNI THAT !! You do not even think when it would be that easy? And then a couple's life is a lot of worry and stress. And Vincent, annoyances, it does not handle too well too, you see. Shostilités start on June 11 on The CW.

The Strain, season 2: if these stories about vampires and wrong had not cut your appetite, the series returns for Season 2. Humans and vampires will compete in a battle that looks epic and, inevitably, of gore. So sharpen your machetes, do not forget to disinfect everything? A past, and go this summer on FX (and a little after series on Canal +). Created by