The season 6 of Hawaii 5 - 0 unfolds in a surprising trailer, with pirates, a wedding and a statement. Warning, spoilers!

Shortly after the release of the end of season 5 of Hawaii 5-0, in June, on M6, we already know a bit more about what awaits the heroes for the academic year. The sixth season of Hawaii 5 - 0 start in the United States on Friday, September 25 and CBS unveiled the first images on the American site TV Line.

According to Peter Lenkov, the showrunner of the series, this plot is freely adapted from the legend that pirates attacked Hawaii in the 1880s. Season 6 will therefore open with a flashback, as shown in this video.

But that is not all: these first images say more on what awaits the heroes of Hawaii 5-0.Marriage of Kono and Adam, left pending at the end of season 5, will obviously take place. And the Hawaii 5-0 team might well have another union to celebrate since Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) says to Danny his intention to ask Catherine to marry!

Not so fast! The latest developments, in particular the arrival of a new actress who will play Steve's girlfriend, suggest that the road will not be paved with roses for Steve and Catherine. Created by