Friday evening, in terms of audience share this Masterchef who came out ahead of hearings on TF1. But as the number of viewers the was beat by M6 and its series NCIS. On the side of the TNT, it is D8 which is largely in the lead and not exceed million viewers with a bounty of button in my post.

TF1 arrived Friday night with his cooking show, MasterChef narrowly at the head of the hearings. For this seventh week of competition, more and more rude, 4 427 000 food lovers were in front of their television or an audience share of 20.6%. It is as well as last week.

M6 lens, just the first step of the podium with his series NCIS: special investigations. 085 5,000 faithful gathered before the new episode of the season where one of the team members was involved in the case. This week NCIS harvested 19.5% share of audience against just 15.1% last week.

France 2 has a slight drop with the Charles French series which brought together 3,000 505 curious either an audience share of 13.5%. Last week they were 3 740 000 people or 15.3% of audience share.

France 3 then comes with Thalassa magazine which was attended by 2 600 000 viewers for an audience share of 10.4%.

D8 ranks at the top of the TNT with an award-winning outstanding key not my post! renamed for the key opportunity not to my direct. 1 166 000 fans of the show have admired Cyril Hanouna and his team in ice décor with hilarious extracts, it means an audience share of 5.1%.

W9 is also a very nice score but does not exceed the million with its magazine survey of action. The subject on the Marseille police convinced 906,000 people or 3.7% of audience share.

NRJ 12 is a decrease from last week with the series Sauveur Giordano who was watched last night by 887 000 faithful, or 3.6% of audience share. Last week the series brought together 911,000 viewers or 3.9% PDA.

Arte then comes through track series which has been praised by 754,000 viewers 2.9% audience share.

France 5 aired it isn't that Guinea Pigs! that was watched by 686,000 people, that is to say an audience share of 2.6%.

TMC broadcast series experts: Manhattan. 578,000 viewers followed investigations teams, represents 2.2% of pda.

D17 as weekly broadcast his famous, the zap. Yesterday, 391, 000 people themselves are left to attempt by the staggered images and funny, or 1.6% of pda.

Gulli broadcasts family movies I Heart Shakey. 318 000 children and adults have watched the movie, IE an audience share of 1.3%.

France 4 is a small score with the entertainment show who sings lean? Only 321 000 people were before their position to watch either 1.3% PDA.

Finally NT 1 closes the classification with the Fringe series that makes a real flop on the little sister of TF1. With 230,000 viewers at the rendezvous, the series passes below the 1% of audience share (0.9%). By