Yesterday, Saturday, March 22, 2014, TF1 has dominated the hearings through the first episode of the ultimate test of The Voice. The chain is far ahead of France 2 and Serge Lama, the grand show as France 3 and two little girls in blue. W9 is leader of the DTT channels through its evening dedicated to the Simpsons.

Beautiful hearing for TF1. The chain which proposed to discover the new event of The Voice, the ultimate test, brought together 6 920 000 unconditional or 30.8% of audience share. The last episode aired March 15 battles has for its part was followed by 6 728 000 fans to 31.3% PDA.

France 2 monte on the second step of the classification of hearings behind TF1. The string that banked on entertainment Serge Lama, the grand show attracted 3 112 000 viewers or 13.7% of audience share.

France 3, which aired its side the movie two little girls in blue adapted from a novel by Mary Higgins Clark has attracted in its nets 3,310,000 curious for 13.4% of audience share.

M6 ends at the foot of the podium with Hawaii 5-0 which was watched by 2 955 000 people (11.8% PDA) against 2 787 000 fans and 11.8% PDA the previous week. Beautiful hearing for France 5, reaching the 5% of Pda with beautiful escapement, show acclaimed by 1 222 000 French.

W9 is the leader of the TNT with its evening dedicated to the Simpsons. 927 000 fans of Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie were at the meeting yesterday evening or 3.9% audience share. Arte displays on its side to the meter 690,000 fans or 2.8% of Pda with the hanging gardens of Babylon. TMC exceeds little 2% of audience with New York Criminal Division share, followed by 516,000 fans series is 2.1% PDA.

Found under the 2% of Pda Gulli and the vampire dog (468 000 small and large or 1.9% PDA), D8 and the heart of the investigation (444,000 curious for 1.8% PDA), France 4 and Doctor Who (378,000 lovers and 1.5% PDA) and NT1 and criminal Chronicles (297,000 viewers and 1.3% PDA). The D17 shock Zap was watched by 263,000 fans or 1.1% of audience share. NRJ 12 displays in meter 232,000 lovers (0.9% PDA) with they scored the French. The chain ahead of little 6ter and brothers in arms (165,000 fans or 0.7% PDA).

RMC discovery, number 23 and HD1 are found at the bottom of the ranking with respectively the facts Karl Zéro (130,000 viewers and 0.5% PDA), alert Cobra (61,000 fans and 0.2% PDA) and Les Bleus first not in the police (39 000 faithful and 0.2% of Pda). By