The Voice still lost viewers from the previous week. On the other hand France 2 and France 3 have lived a nice evening compared to previous weeks. On the side of the TNT, it is France 5 that sits at the top but without exceeding million viewers.

TF1 arrived ahead of hearings on the evening of March 1 with the issue The Voice, the most beautiful voice which brought together 120 7,000 viewers for an audience share of 32.6%. A notable decrease from last week where the music show had collected 7 444 000 for a audience share of 34.8%.

Suddenly France 3 and France 2 took advantage of this decline and France 3 with Crime in Aveyron harvest 3 712 000 viewers (15% of pda) while only France 2 with Luis Mariano, the great showa entertainment gathered 3 056 000 people (13.4% of pda).

M6 however loses again, she also, for viewers with the series Hawaii 5-0. This week it brought together 2 608 000 faithful (10.8% PDA) against 2 808,000 and 11.8% PDA last week.

France 5 is placed at the top of the TNT with the beautiful escape magazine (886 000 applicants for 3.7% audience share) just in front of W9 which broadcast its evening the Simpsons (844 000 fans for 3.5% PDA) and Arte with film Vauban (814 000 viewers for a pda by 3.4%).

Then, in the order we find Gulli with animated Barbie dream of ballerina who has captivated 553 000 small and large (2.3% PDA), TMC with series New York, Criminal Division (445,000 people for 1.9% PDA), D8 which broadcast magazine at the heart of the investigation (367,000 viewers for 1.6% PDA), France 4 with the film continued the amber Chamber (318,000 viewers for a pda by 1.4%) and finally NRJ 12 with the super bloopers of the année(329 000 personnes pour 1.4% de pda).

In the end of the ranking, below the 1% of audience share,NT 1 with criminal Chronicles which brought together 214 000.RMC discovery with the prophecies of the apocalypse with his famous shock Zap,broadcast brothers in arms,HD1 with the series Julie Lescaut,and finally number 23 with the series Les Bleus, first steps in the police who brought together 77 000 faithful for one audience share of 0.3%. By