To encourage users to sign the Bill Clinton birthday card, his wife, Hillary Clinton, the parody series House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. This Tuesday, August 19, former U.S. president Bill Clinton will celebrate its 68 spring. on this occasion, the American Secretary of State and the actor Kevin Spacey performed a parody rather funny the House of Cards. the hero without scruples in the political series. It is in a video put online by the Foundation Clinton that we view the actor move a phone call to Hillary Clinton. Then follows a dialogue rather fun.

Imitating the voice of Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey asked Hillary Clinton what it intends to offer to her husband for his 68th birthday: "It is a very personal decision that I will take when I am ready," replied wryly that which use this phrase when asked if it will be candidate for the presidential election. Alluding to his investment in a program for the protection of elephants, the actor offered him: "you know what, my dear, I'd really like one of these elephants that you try to save".

The latter eventually then suggested to adopt a baby elephant and calling it Franck if she's a girl.Those two names being those of the main characters of the series. "I was leaning rather for first name Kevin".