Thought like a mini reboot, season 5 of Homeland will see Carrie Mathison stationed in Berlin, away from the CIA. But Hunt the natural, it is galloping, and a new teaser shows Carrie kidnapped and forced to resume service.

After Pakistan in season 4, Homeland raises its suitcases, flingues and secret in Germany for its new season, broadcast from October 4 on Showtime. Despite the insistence of his mentor Saul (Mandy Patinkin), Carrie (Claire Danes) no longer works for the CIA and holds a position in the private sector to the Foundation During. She chose her family liked? t as his job, and can finally take care of his daughter, or even to take a bit of privacy, with a lawyer. But...

Even if the action of the season 5 takes place two and a half years later, Carrie is not fully shed its demons. And even less of his enemies. During a first trailer, you could see that she was removed in the street. By whom? Why?For knowledge, but a second trailer, entitled "Carrie is back", reveals that she has not said its last word.

It appears more badass than ever. Should not go bother him to Berlin! Should not going to bother to Berlin! The rest of the cast is made up of former F. Murray Abraham, Rupert Friend, Miranda Otto and new, Sarah Sokolovic, Sebastian Koch and Alexander Fehling. Created by