Showtime announced renewal of two of his series.

Carrie Mathison fans will be able to rejoice: Claire Danes to endorse the role of the new bipolar FBI agent for a fifth delivery Homeland consists of twelve episodes?. The announcement was expected, but it still reflects a newfound confidence in the chain not in his series, which has offered a true reboot on its season 4. A bold choice and paid by the showrunner Alex Gansa. While season 3 was strongly criticized by scholars, season 4, currently being broadcast in the United States was largely welcomed by the press.

Hagai Levi and Sarah signed Treem, The Affair, another series that benefits from the momentum of criticism since its launch in September 2014 has been logically renewed for season 2. This intense and sensual drama consists of a cast three stars. Dominic West falls in love with Ruth Wilson, and began an affair with it. Their respective spouses are played by Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. This new show is fascinating as it moves from the point of view of the two lovers. One half of the episode is dedicated to the vision of Noah (West), and the other of Alison (Wilson), on a same temporality. Everything is sprinkled of a police investigation since the two protagonists tell their story of love in flashbakcks against police officers.

"In its fourth season, Homeland is brilliantly reinvented, officially commented David Nevins, the President of Showtime. It continues to Captivate a core of faithful and was a launching pad for success The Affair. (both series are broadcast on Sunday evening as a result). With their provocative, relevant and addictive storylines, these two sets were adopted, dissected and discussed each week. We are very excited to see these complex shows return to 2015."he concluded. Created by