Showtime aired Sunday evening "Gerontion", episode 7 of the third season of Homeland, where Saul strategy is taken further and old obsessions resurface.Attention spoilers.

"Gerontion", episode 7 season 3 of the Homeland series aired Sunday. Review, attention spoilers.

Carrie and Saul will have to manage the consequences of the coup of murderous madness of Javadi. For Saul, it is above all to implement the rest of its plan. Meanwhile, Carrie returns to the scene of the drama to try to whitewash Quinn, whose presence was captured by a neighborhood surveillance camera...

After a concentrate of twists and turns in the previous episode, "Gerontion" down a big notch in the runaway. By focusing on the character of Saul, exit also parallel intrigues with the Brody family, conducive to the savagery. The series unveils a new dimension in nesting dolls of the plan engineered by the character of Mandy Patinkin. Wanting to make Javadi a double agent by sending in Iran, Homeland part once again a situation for better return. The series presents a suite of pretense that shuffle tracks among the characters (which really wants to get Saul? That cache Javadi? ) but also asked about the approach of the screenwriters, there where all missing by moments of belief and the characters of genuine involvement. Sword in the water or master stroke, it will be the last moments of the season for Untangling the Web.

Crossed some good flashes (the questioning of Quinn already noticeable in the first episode, Saul playing with fire by enclosing Senator squarely in the Auditorium, the episode draws the outlines of the last part of the season: Saul has more than a few days before be revoked and the continuation of his plan looks like a real race against the clock. And Carrie plunges in his crusade to vindicate Brody, while she learns of Javadi who moved the Sergeant/MP's car before the attack would still be in the vicinity. In the meantime, the main party involved is still absent subscribers. By