The situation Corsican in episode 8 of season 4 of Homeland, which will be broadcast Tuesday night on channel more Series. Review (watch out for spoilers).

Review of episode 8 of season 4 of the series Homeland,Beware of spoilers.

Carrie wakes up with a Holy hangover and his prescription was changed. Evidence is required: in his own camp, someone plays double game. The young woman leaves doubts at Quinn and Lockhart, then the Embassy the Pakistani delegation of ISI. The agenda concerns Saul, Haqqani wants to monetize against members of his bodyguard, detained by the United States in Afghanistan. The agency is walking on eggs, The ISI in this ride. The situation is further behind when Saul gets in his age rams and to escape ...

Fortunately avoiding the traps in which he could fall after a previous episode,season 4 of Homeland finds a nervous approach. written by Chip Johannessen, a former (still one) for 24,reminds our good memory, the serial thriller of the 2000s by playing with time and pinpoint operations where everything can switch from one moment to the next. Episode deftly binds his dominant intrigues (leakage of Saul, the crisis meeting) and its pretense and actually the best illustration. Created by