More than a year after the stop of the series, we offer a slideshow to find out what have become the actors of the cult series!

While some hard-core fans still do not have recover from the judgment of How I Met Your Mother, the actors in the series, them, had struggled to negotiate the rest of their career. After nine long seasons, far from being all at the same level, the actors were both their characters and the audience was so attached that it was difficult for them to continue their beautiful momentum. However, some are managed. The delightful Robin Scherbatsky, portrayed by Cobie Smulders, Captain America, Avengers, Jack Reacher, she became a spokesmodel for American action films. That shared the heart of Ted with Robin, the mother of his children, the enigmatic woman in a yellow umbrella, is now in the second season of Fargo on Netflix.

The range of those who are not too successful after-How I Met, is Ted, who has done virtually nothing since. Jason Segel can boast of having played in Sextape with Cameron Diaz, otherwise... not much to his credit! And finally, the cult Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) played in a few movies, this of the Oscars, attempted to launch a talk show. In vain. Check out the slide show that is has concocted what have become actors! How I Met will be re-broadcast from this Sunday, January 3 at 17:30 on D17.